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Cross-age ramrod sharing lesson

Friday, July 24th, 2015


Mature Lessons

This lustful nubile girl and her blonde experienced sex teacher are a perfect match for a threesome fuck lesson. Both women love sucking cock and tasting hot cum and they don’t even mid having some anal fun and showing off their gaping ass holes in front of the camera. They do have much in common, even a common boyfriend to fuck and they make sure they use every bit of sex skill and drive he brings to the table. Two sluts getting penetrated and learning from one another in bed – that’s what we call a perfect sex lesson!

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Kendall Rex - That’s Kendall Rex as in “sex”

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015


That’s Kendall Rex as in “sex”

That's Kendall Rex as in

This video opens with us getting to know 56-year-old divorcee Kendall Rex in an interview and ends with young Rocky shooting his load in Kendall’s mouth. In-between, Kendall sucks his cock deep and gets her shaved pussy fucked by it.

Here are some things about Kendall that you won’t find out in the interview. She enjoys skiing and swimming. Her favorite sports teams are the New York Yankees and New Orleans Saints. One of her hobbies is swinging. Another is going to the gym. She also likes to read and cook. She usually doesn’t wear panties.

“I’m a commando girl,” she said.

She likes men who make her laugh. She doesn’t have any children but she does have a few dogs. She’s into bondage. She tries to have sex at least three times a day. We bet she succeeds. She once gave a golden shower to a guy she picked up at Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans.

Her tits are big, pointy D-cups. You’ll pick up on that in the video. She likes to gag on cock. You’ll pick up on that, too. She has a throaty, bedroomy voice.

Enjoy Kendall as she enjoys her second video fuck.

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Kendall Rex - Hard cock for the cockahaurus

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015


Hard cock for the cockahaurus

Hard cock for the cockahaurus

Dressed for sex in tight jeans and a sheer top that shows her bra, 56-year-old divorcee Kendall Rex returns to fuck 26-year-old Rocky.

Kendall has never been a stripper. She isn’t a webcam model. She does have sex two or three times a day. She tried to work in a brothel for a week but didn’t have her heart in it, so nobody got their hard-on in her.

“Most people I know would be surprised to see me here, but I do have a few friends who are aware that I’m embracing the opportunity and encouraged me to just own it,” she said.

And yet…

“I’ve done private videos for me and my significant other or friends who were joining in with us. I’ve done those a number of times. I’m a swinger, so occasionally, video cameras come into play. So am I comfortable in front of a camera? Yes.”

We asked Kendall if being on-camera in those situations made the sex more exciting, and she said, “I don’t think it matters. Even with this, I forgot there was a camera, and when you’re caught up in the moment, you forget you’re on film. Even here, I forgot I was on-camera.”

“You were focused on the cock?” we ask her.

“Yes, at all times,” she said. “I am a cockahaurus.”

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Annellise Croft - Annellise Croft, crotch raider

Thursday, July 16th, 2015


Annellise Croft, crotch raider

Annellise Croft, crotch raider

This scene opens with a hot blonde playing with her big tits. She looks like she wants some. She’s going to get some.

“Why don’t you come fuck me?” 51-year-old divorcee and mother Annellise Croft says.


Well, yeah, any one of you would do, but Tony just happens to be there. Lucky guy.

“Do you want to put your fingers in my pussy?” she says.


Tony shows up and slaps her ass and plays with her tits, which is exactly what we’d do if we were in his shoes. Nipple-sucking, tit-fucking cock-sucking, pussy-fucking and cumming all over Annellise tits follows. She’s a loud one, so keep the sound down if you have thin walls.

By the way, we’re working hard on getting Annellise back into our studio. What would you like to see her do?

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Creamy fuck for plump mom

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015


Moms Got Cream

Wanna learn how to please a pretty fat mom in pretty black thigh highs? Watch this man give her ripe pussy some deep and hard drilling and fill her up with sexy semen like a gas station attendant. This tireless fucker will make his older lover moan and scream of pleasure pounding her cunt and ass like a power-hammer and spraying jizz all over her fuck-hungry openings. Her husband doesn’t need to know this aged doxy is fucking younger fellows and she’ll keep doing so as long as they keep giving her such great orgasms and creampies.

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Annellise Croft - The stacked MILF with the super nipples gets some more

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015


The stacked MILF with the super nipples gets some more

The stacked MILF with the super nipples gets some more

“I’m just a little bit shy until I get to know somebody and get comfortable in my surroundings,” said Annellise Croft, a 51-year-old wife, mother and divorcee. “Then I will probably let it all hang out.”

She’s letting it all hang out here in her return to, having Tony manhandle her big, fat tits and suck her long, hard nipples.

“I like to dress provocatively and classy at the same time,” said Annellise, who is wearing sexy lingerie that her tits pour out of. “I’ll wear a nice push-up bra for that. I like to be more of an exhibitionist at a club. I guess the environment hypes me up. I like to dance and show it all off. That’s why swingers places are good for me, so I can show it all off.”

She can show it off at any time she wants.

“I was at one club and I was dancing, and I’d had a few drinks, and some guy said to me, ‘Oh, you have such nice boobs,’ so I said, ‘Do you want to see them?’ I must’ve gone over-the-top because the bouncer came over to me and said, ‘You’d better go if you don’t put those away.’”

Dumb-ass bouncer. All he had to do was be a nice guy and he might’ve gotten some of what Tony is getting.

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Aged mom gets her anal

Thursday, July 9th, 2015


World Mature

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This horny aged mom looks so breathtaking in her red dress and black high-heel shoes even a younger guy can’t resist the temptation to fuck her. She gives him the best blowjob ever sucking his cock deep and hard, yet gentle and wet, and then he finally takes over to drill her every fuckable hole like a true macho. Up the ass and balls deep in that ripe mature snatch! That’s the way to fuck a cock-craving mommy and when she begs for a cumshot you better give it to her like her favorite pearl necklace. Well done, dude!


Chery Leigh - A three-way with Chery on top…and on the bottom

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015


A three-way with Chery on top…and on the bottom

A three-way with Chery on top...and on the bottom

Chery Leigh is a 57-year-old wife, mother and grandmother who had never had an orgasm before she met her second husband. Now she’s into anal, creampies and gangbangs. Here, she’s a businesswoman (which is what she is in real life) who takes her two employees, JMac and Tony, on a business trip and makes the best of things when there’s only one room available at the inn. Actually, there were two available. Chery canceled one of them so she could fuck both guys at once.

“I’m making up for lost time,” Chery said. “I’m getting a lot of dick and doing a lot of cumming.”

She thanks her hubby for that

“I always wanted to have sex with more than one person, gangbangs and have sex with a black gentleman, and he made it all cum true.” 

Chery should give herself credit, too.

“Spreading my pussy, looking into the camera and imagining all the guys out there who are looking at my pictures and jacking off gets me off,” she said. “I love cum, and to think of all the cum that’s being shot in my honor…it gives me goosebumps.”

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Chery Leigh - Room for two

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015


Room for two

Room for two

Chery Leigh and her employees, JMac and Tony, are going on a business trip, and Chery made sure that Tony reserved two rooms, one for the guys, one for her. What the guys don’t know is that Chery canceled the second room. Now why would she do that?

“We’ll make it work,” Chery tells them when they get to the hotel.

How? One bed. One woman. Two guys. How can that work?

Well, you see, Chery doesn’t plan on sleeping in that bed. She plans on spending her time sucking and fucking their two cocks. And if they want to cum all over her pretty face…well, that can work.

Chery is a 57-year-old blonde from Florida. She’s married. She has children. She said that shooting her first porn scenes in our studio made her want to do more and do better.

Chery has now done two anal scenes and a three-way with two guys. Does she still want to do more?

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Heidi - Ass-fucked in the pretzel position? Watch and see!

Thursday, June 25th, 2015


Ass-fucked in the pretzel position? Watch and see!

Ass-fucked in the pretzel position? Watch and see!

This scene, 52-year-old Heidi’s second at, opens with an interview, and it’s not like most interviews we’ve done. Heidi is wearing a fishnet bodysuit, and she proves it’s crotchless by locking her legs behind her head in the pretzel position, opening up her soon-to-be-fucked pussy. This is quite an introduction.

Then this German fuck slut is asked if she can get ass-fucked in that position.

“I don’t know if I can take a whole cock in that position up my ass because it’s pretty big,” she said, referring to Rocky’s 24-year-old cock.

So then, we set out to discover if Heidi’s asshole is tighter when her legs are spread or when her legs are behind her head. Rocky sticks a finger in her asshole. Tight. Then Heidi locks her legs behind her head and Rocky slides a finger into her asshole.

“Now it’s better,” he says. “It’s less tight.”

So, it would seem that Heidi can get ass-fucked with her legs locked behind her head.

Then Heidi is asked about anal sex.

“I like it,” she says.

But a guy can’t plunge right in, can he?

“With me you can,” she said.

You can do a lot of things with Heidi. You can fuck her face while fingering her pussy. You can spend very little time fucking her pussy and a lot of time fucking her asshole, as Rocky does in this scene. Does Heidi enjoy having Rocky’s cock in her ass?

“Oh, fuck! Oh, yes! Oh, shit, yes! Oh fuck my ass! Give me that whole cock up my ass,” she says.

But can she get ass-fucked with her legs locked behind her head? Watch the scene and find out.

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