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Catrina Costa - Catrina’s first fuck video

Thursday, October 1st, 2015


Catrina’s first fuck video

Catrina's first fuck video

“I’ve been swinging for about three years,” said divorced mother of three Catrina Costa, who’s making her worldwide XXX video debut right here. “My boyfriend and I host bi-friendly weekly gang-bang parties. Just recently, we made me air-tight. It was funny because we were having trouble getting three guys hard and ready at the same time, but we finally did it.”

And, so, Catrina had her mouth, pussy and asshole stuffed with cock at the same time.

Here, 50-year-old Catrina is limited to one cock. It belongs to 22-year-old Peter, who she’s found jacking off at his computer. No reason to be embarrassed, Peter, even if Catrina is your mom’s best friend. She wants your cock, and the fact that it’s already out just makes things easier.

Catrina is a nudist who says, “I like nudity with sex even more.” That happens here. Nudity and sex. She likes to be spanked. She likes when guys cum on her chest. She’s had a lot of sex with a lot of younger men, including at these gang-bang parties she talked about, so when you ask Catrina how often she has sex, her answer is, “How many days a week or how many times.” There’s a big difference because in one day, she could get fucked 20 or 30 times.

Catrina ran a daycare for eight years. She’s worked in retail. She has been a waitress. She has managed offices. Now she’s in accounting. She used to play soccer. Now her hobbies are “spending time with my family and participating in gangbangs.”

Hmmmm…one of those things is not like the other.

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Catrina Costa - Catrina fucks her best friend’s son

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015


Catrina fucks her best friend’s son

Catrina fucks her best friend's son

Catrina Costa, 50, catches 22-year-old Peter jacking off at his computer. He’s embarrassed. She’s not.

“That looks pretty interesting,” Catrina says.

“Catrina, my mom’s not here,” Peter says, flustered, trying to cover his penis. “She’s not going to be back until later, so you can go now.”

“Peter, show me, I wanna see,” Catrina insists, dressed sexily in a cleavage-revealing top and a short skirt.

Catrina has known him since she was little. She and his mom are best friends, and now she’s going to help out her best friend’s son by showing him how to treat a woman.

Catrina knows how she wants to be treated. This is her first time fucking on-camera, but this divorced mother-of-three from Rhode Island (now living in California) is a swinger. She and her boyfriend host bi-weekly gang-bang parties.

“The wildest night might have been when we had 28 guys show up, but all the women flaked,” Catrina said. “I was tired at the end of the evening!”

Tired and happy. Catrina is into anal sex, but that’s a story for another day. She wants to have her mouth, pussy and asshole filled at the same time. “Air-tight,” she calls it. She likes to be spanked. She likes when guys cum on her chest. She says her family would be very surprised to see her here “because they are very religious. My co-workers would also be surprised because at work, I am quiet and keep to myself.”

Catrina is an accountant. That doesn’t sound like too much fun. What she’s doing here is definitely a lot of fun. Enjoy her.

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Experienced mom assfucked for punishment

Saturday, September 26th, 2015


Moms Got Cream

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This eager aged mom needs to be punished for being such a cock-hungry bitch and the punishment will come in a form of some hard anal drilling and an extra slit fuck for dessert. She starts it by giving her younger lover a mind blowing blowjob and making his cock ready for a full descent and once it slides deep into her welcoming ass hole she just can’t stop moaning of pleasure. Oh, this wench is gonna get fucked and creampied like she’s back 18 today. All the way with absolutely no mercy!


Blonde aged assfucked and wants more

Monday, September 21st, 2015


World Mature

What adult woman doesn’t like feeling a firm young knob deep in her ebony hole. This busty mom in beautiful black stockings rises up to the challenge when a younger boy says she can’t take his best fucking. Pfff! This mature bitch takes it all and begs for more cuz her well-fucked ass hole gives her multiple orgasms and she wants at least one more with a messy creampie. Watch this great scene from World-Mature and visit the site for much more quality cross-age porn.


Annellise Croft - What a big cock you have in your ass, Grandma!

Thursday, September 17th, 2015


What a big cock you have in your ass, Grandma!

What a big cock you have in your ass, Grandma!

Today, Grandma Annellise is going to take JMac’s big cock up her ass, and we’re all going to get to watch.

She’s a mom and a divorcee, too. She’s 51 years old. She has big tits, big enough for SCORE magazine, and long, sharp nipples that you could cut glass with. But you’d probably rather suck them. While you’re fucking her ass, of course.

Annellise is 5′6″ and weighs 144 pounds. She measures 36DDD-26-36. Impressive. She’s originally from the UK but lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Her accent is an interesting mix of Southern and British. She works in animal shelters and owns a few rescue dogs. She’s been to a few swingers clubs but has never actually partaken in the action. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t gotten a bit wild in public.

“I was at one club and I was dancing, and I’d had a few drinks, and some guy said to me, ‘You have such nice boobs,’ so I said, ‘Do you want to see them?’ I must’ve gone over-the-top because the bouncer came over to me and said, ‘You’d better go if you don’t put those away.’ And I’ve also danced on tables in a few bars. Had water poured all over me. I went in this contest for boobs, and they pour water on you. And this other contestant, she got to kissing me, and we ended up doing a full show on the table, kissing and feeling each other up and everything.”

But not anal sex. She saved that for us. Yes, she’s starting big. But that’s Annellise. Big sexuality. Big tits. Big cock up her ass. Perfect.

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Annellise Croft - Annellise Croft’s first anal scene

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015


Annellise Croft’s first anal scene

Annellise Croft's first anal scene

A little over a year and a half after she made her sucking-and-fucking on-camera debut at, big-titted British MILF Annellise Croft, a woman who’s very popular at, too, gets ass-fucked on-camera for the first time. And she takes JMac’s cock up her ass, so this is no beginner anal for Annellise. She even gets ass-fucked in the piledriver position, a JMac specialty, then rammed unbelievably hard doggie-style before he cums on her face.

Annellise was very nervous when she showed up at our studio for her first anal bang. Her anal experience was extremely limited, so she prepped for the big day by stretching her asshole with butt plugs and toys. Good job, Annellise. JMac slides in smoothly after the first firm push into her rectum.

Annellise is 51. It’s about time she did anal, right?

Annellise is beautiful. She’s sexy. She has long, blond hair. Like we said, she has huge tits. We asked her about the nicest compliment she’s ever received, and, surprisingly, it had nothing to do with any of those things.

“Someone once told me that I have a nice heart because I help animals who are in bad situations,” she said. “And that’s what really matters, what’s within someone.”

Here, JMac’s cock is in Annellise’s ass, and that really matters.

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Jessica Hot - Jessica is saucy and fucked

Thursday, September 10th, 2015


Jessica is saucy and fucked

Jessica is saucy and fucked

In her first fuck video, Jessica, a 52-year-old hairdresser who decided to fuck on-camera for fun (because what other reason is there?), shows off her excellent blow job, fucking and tit-fucking skills. She ends up with cum all over her face and licks whatever cum is remaining off the guy’s cock. Is that because she’s a clean freak? No. It’s because she’s a cum freak.

Ah, but women who love to fuck and eat cum have regular lives, too. Jessica loves to travel. She enjoys hiking in the mountains. She likes to cook. Hey, fucking and cooking makes her the perfect woman! She masturbates while she cooks. Obviously, she can do each with one hand. We wonder what she puts in her sauce? Does she put sauce in her sauce?

Jessica is divorced. She’s a mom. She says her kids would be surprised to see her here, “but not too surprised. They know their mother has a wild side.”

Well, it’s one thing to think your mom has a wild side. It’s another thing to think she’d fuck on-camera.

Jessica likes doing it doggie-style. She once had sex in a shopping mall.

“We found a quiet corner, and he lifted my skirt and fucked me from behind,” she said. “I don’t think anyone saw us, but who knows?”

Indeed, who knows? A lot of people are going to see this video, Jessica.


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Jessica Hot - Big-titted divorcee Jessica is hot for cock

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015


Big-titted divorcee Jessica is hot for cock

Big-titted divorcee Jessica is hot for cock

Here’s Jessica, a 52-year-old divorcee and MILF with big tits. She’s having sex on-camera for the first time. Aren’t we the lucky ones!

Actually, Jessica considers herself lucky.

“I’m a hairdresser, so I decided to do porn to have some fun,” she said.

Have at it, Jessica. Enjoy yourself.

Jessica likes to go on wild dates. Her fantasy is to have two men at the same time, one we’re sure she could fulfill just by strolling up to two guys and saying, “Do you want to have sex with me?” But she has been in a three-way with a man and a woman. She’s even had sex in public.

We asked Jessica if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, “Some of them would, most of them wouldn’t. I have some girlfriends who have done porn, and they encouraged me to do it. They said it was fun. It is!”

Jessica gets a lot of attention because of her tits, and she always dresses to show them off. She claims to not have any special talents, but after seeing these pictures, you might disagree.

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Aged woman teaching newlyweds anal sex

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015


Mature Lessons

Newly married couples need extra tutoring to make their sex life better and nobody can tutor them how to please one another better than this adult adult whore. Watch her as she shares ramrod with her younger student and teaches her how to take hard anal and make her husband happy. This cross-age threeway is a perfect tutoring scene for anyone who loves porn or is even willing to try threesome lovemaking with anal sex in real life.

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Lena Lewis - Let her eat cock

Thursday, August 27th, 2015


Let her eat cock

Let her eat cock

In her second scene at, 52-year-old blond Lena Lewis serves Tony a cake for his birthday. But he’s sad. He’s all alone on his big day. His girlfriend didn’t show up.

“You’re not alone,” Lena says. “I’m here.”

“The cake looks delicious,” Tony says. “I’m not sure I’m in the mood for it, though.”

But he decides to try the cake, which is delicious, and she sings “Happy Birthday” to him in German. She licks the cream off his lips. And away they go! This is gonna be a good birthday afterall.

We asked Lena how she ended up in our studio, and she said, “I saw your ad on Backpage .com and thought, ‘I can do that.’ I’ve done a lot of wild things in my life, and I have an open attitude about sex, so I figured, ‘Why not?’ And I don’t have a husband or children to worry about, so I’m not worried about people finding out. Although I do lead a sort of double life. I have to be very secretive about some of the things I do. Sexually.”

Doing this is now part of her double life, although, surprisingly, she’s not a swinger.

“I’ve never had the opportunity. But I’m very sexually aggressive. I hate to wait. Life is too short, and some guys are just too shy to approach a woman, especially when they’re younger and the woman is older. If I had one piece of advice for guys, it would be, ‘Go for it!’”

Here, Tony goes for it. Happy birthday to him.

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