Chery Leigh - A three-way with Chery on top…and on the bottom

July 2nd, 2015 by admin


A three-way with Chery on top…and on the bottom

A three-way with Chery on top...and on the bottom

Chery Leigh is a 57-year-old wife, mother and grandmother who had never had an orgasm before she met her second husband. Now she’s into anal, creampies and gangbangs. Here, she’s a businesswoman (which is what she is in real life) who takes her two employees, JMac and Tony, on a business trip and makes the best of things when there’s only one room available at the inn. Actually, there were two available. Chery canceled one of them so she could fuck both guys at once.

“I’m making up for lost time,” Chery said. “I’m getting a lot of dick and doing a lot of cumming.”

She thanks her hubby for that

“I always wanted to have sex with more than one person, gangbangs and have sex with a black gentleman, and he made it all cum true.” 

Chery should give herself credit, too.

“Spreading my pussy, looking into the camera and imagining all the guys out there who are looking at my pictures and jacking off gets me off,” she said. “I love cum, and to think of all the cum that’s being shot in my honor…it gives me goosebumps.”

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Chery Leigh - Room for two

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Room for two

Room for two

Chery Leigh and her employees, JMac and Tony, are going on a business trip, and Chery made sure that Tony reserved two rooms, one for the guys, one for her. What the guys don’t know is that Chery canceled the second room. Now why would she do that?

“We’ll make it work,” Chery tells them when they get to the hotel.

How? One bed. One woman. Two guys. How can that work?

Well, you see, Chery doesn’t plan on sleeping in that bed. She plans on spending her time sucking and fucking their two cocks. And if they want to cum all over her pretty face…well, that can work.

Chery is a 57-year-old blonde from Florida. She’s married. She has children. She said that shooting her first porn scenes in our studio made her want to do more and do better.

Chery has now done two anal scenes and a three-way with two guys. Does she still want to do more?

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Heidi - Ass-fucked in the pretzel position? Watch and see!

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Ass-fucked in the pretzel position? Watch and see!

Ass-fucked in the pretzel position? Watch and see!

This scene, 52-year-old Heidi’s second at, opens with an interview, and it’s not like most interviews we’ve done. Heidi is wearing a fishnet bodysuit, and she proves it’s crotchless by locking her legs behind her head in the pretzel position, opening up her soon-to-be-fucked pussy. This is quite an introduction.

Then this German fuck slut is asked if she can get ass-fucked in that position.

“I don’t know if I can take a whole cock in that position up my ass because it’s pretty big,” she said, referring to Rocky’s 24-year-old cock.

So then, we set out to discover if Heidi’s asshole is tighter when her legs are spread or when her legs are behind her head. Rocky sticks a finger in her asshole. Tight. Then Heidi locks her legs behind her head and Rocky slides a finger into her asshole.

“Now it’s better,” he says. “It’s less tight.”

So, it would seem that Heidi can get ass-fucked with her legs locked behind her head.

Then Heidi is asked about anal sex.

“I like it,” she says.

But a guy can’t plunge right in, can he?

“With me you can,” she said.

You can do a lot of things with Heidi. You can fuck her face while fingering her pussy. You can spend very little time fucking her pussy and a lot of time fucking her asshole, as Rocky does in this scene. Does Heidi enjoy having Rocky’s cock in her ass?

“Oh, fuck! Oh, yes! Oh, shit, yes! Oh fuck my ass! Give me that whole cock up my ass,” she says.

But can she get ass-fucked with her legs locked behind her head? Watch the scene and find out.

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Heidi - The wildest anal-loving German fuck slut you’ve ever seen

June 23rd, 2015 by admin


The wildest anal-loving German fuck slut you’ve ever seen

The wildest anal-loving German fuck slut you've ever seen

If you’re looking for romance, look elsewhere. If you’re looking to see a 52-year-old slut divorcee, mother and grandmother getting her well-used asshole absolutely hammered by a 24-year-old stud, you’ve come to the right place. Because in Heidi’s second-ever fuck scene at, this old German slut really comes of age. And cums. Over and over.

Heidi is wearing a crotchless, fishnet bodysuit and fuck-me pumps. She calls this outfit “slutty.” She’s absolutely right about that. Heidi is slutty, too. She can lock her legs behind her head in the hottest fuck-me positions imaginable. She can suck cock deep and take it deep in all of her hot holes.

Heidi is a swinger. No surprise there. She and her boyfriend have threesomes with other men and women.

“To me, a stranger fuck is more exciting,” Heidi said. “But I haven’t done anything wild so far.”

Only if you don’t consider threesomes with strangers and getting ass-fucked on-camera to be wild.

“I’ve changed quite a bit since I was younger,” said Heidi, who was born in Germany and lives in Ohio. “I used to be fairly conservative. After my second divorce, I kind of went a little crazy for about a year. If I wanted to fuck somebody, I’d go fuck them. I signed up at an adult dating site, and I had no trouble getting a date within a half-hour flat.”

No surprise there. We asked Rocky to assess Heidi’s blow job skills, and he said, “She’s the best. She knows what she’s doing.”

Watch Heidi do what she does. No romancin’. Just dick dancin’.

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Depraved mom teaches threesome sex

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Mature Lessons

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This utterly depraved bigtitted mom in black hold-up stockings is a private sex teacher. She welcomes a beautiful younger couple in her apartment and has them naked in no time joining the fun to teach her student cock sucking and anal. She loves leading by example and sharing firm young cock with nubile girl and when the dude cums on his girlfriend’s belly she is more than eager to lick some hot jizm right off her silky wet skin.


Fat mom in stockings nailed and covered with semen

June 12th, 2015 by admin


Moms Got Cream

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This bulky mom looks so sexy in her black hold-up nylons it makes her younger lover horny like never before. He wants to fuck this beautiful older woman from every angle drilling her mouth, cunt and ass with no mercy. He wants to make her goo hard screaming of pleasure and give her a messy creampie. Watch this naughty mommy take ramrod like a good floozy and get showered and filled with hot sticky ball goo for the ultimate hardcore experience.


Dana Devereaux - Fuck the boss

June 11th, 2015 by admin


Fuck the boss

Fuck the boss

Dana Devereaux, a 51-year-old divorcee from Germany (now living in Arizona), returns for her second scene at The first time, she fucked JMac in her porno debut. This time, she’s having her way with 26-year-old Brad in the ol’ “sexy boss fucks the employee” scenario. It’s a nice reward for a hard day’s work.

Dana is trying out porn for the first time because she loves sex and has a kinky side.

“I always wear heels to bed along with garters and stockings,” Dana said. “I dream of being pushed into a corner and having sex. I also like counter-tops and chairs for the best ride.”

Dana has worked as a concert reviewer, market research analyst and wholesale clothing rep. She enjoys playing tennis and watching football (her teams are the Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs). She owns 650 pairs of shoes and enjoys visiting estate sales to buy vintage clothing. Her perfect day would be “waking up slowly with coffee, walking through a city park, shopping, dining on steak and lobster and then getting dressed up to go to the theater. And then sex!”

She also said, “I know what gets me off and I know my body very well. I knew this would get me off, and it did. This is the kind of thing most women don’t get to do or don’t dare to do, and I’m doing it.”

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Dana Devereaux - Take this dick and suck it!

June 9th, 2015 by admin


Take this dick and suck it!

Take this dick and suck it!

Dana Devereaux, a 51-year-old divorcee, is sitting on the couch in her apartment, working overtime with Brad, her 26-year-old employee. They’ve been working long, hard hours finishing up a project, and now Dana is ready for some fun time.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Dana asks him.

He says he doesn’t. She asks him if he watches porn. He says he doesn’t.

“Too bad you don’t have a girlfriend,” she says. “Do you at least have a fuck buddy?”

Now, that’s quite a question for a boss to ask her employee, but when a sexy cougar like Dana is doing the talking, you know it’s going to lead to something good.

Well, Brad doesn’t have a fuck buddy. At least he didn’t. He does now. He now has a boss/buddy named Dana who sucks and fucks his cock and lets him cum on her sweet ass.

Now that’ll relieve the tension after a long day of work.

Dana was born in Germany and lives in Arizona. She’s divorced. We asked her if the people who know her would be surprised to see her here, and she said, “Definitely! But first of all, I don’t have kids, so I don’t have to worry about that. But I generally have a cosmopolitan, elegant look. People who see me out and about wouldn’t think, ‘Oh, she’s having sex with men on-camera.’ But I do like getting a little kinky sometimes. Nobody knows that side of me exists. Well, I guess a few people do!”

Brad does.

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Beautiful mature mom buttfucked and covered with cum

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World Mature

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Wouldn’t you just love to trade places with this lucky boy and fuck an absolutely nice-looking aged mom in her every hole making the wench scream of pleasure and semen multiple times. She looks smoking pretty with her nice-looking body, blonde hair and black hold-up nylons, and especially with sexy sperm sprayed all over her pussy area. She loves fucking younger studs cuz her sex drive is still off the charts and she just can’t get enough of hard dick taking it in her mouth, vagina and ass repeatedly.


Karen Kougar - Even sluttier than you remember

May 28th, 2015 by admin


Even sluttier than you remember

Even sluttier than you remember

We are happy to report that at 52 years old, Karen Kougar sucks cock as sloppily as ever, moans even louder when she’s getting fucked by a big cock and has a meaty, pink pussy that looks great when a load of cum is pouring out of it. Karen has been with us since 2008–she got ass-fucked by porn stud Troy Halston in her first scene at–and she’s even hornier and sluttier than before.

Now, one might say, “This is a woman who slobbers all over cock and has gotten DP’d. How can she have gotten hornier and sluttier?”

Just watch.

In this scene, Karen takes on a big, black cock. Her fuck mate is a man of few words, but Karen is more interested in what’s in his pants than what’s going on inside his mind.

Does this woman ever love sucking balls!

Karen is a laid-back woman–almost hippy-like–who lives on a farm in a small town in upstate New York, but she’s a porn star and she once fucked Ron Jeremy in the closet of a hotel lobby (”Long story” she says), and if she likes a guy, she’ll walk right up to him and start working on taking him home.

When a woman has a pretty face, big tits and a body like Karen’s, it doesn’t take much work.

By the way, next time you see Karen, she’ll be getting DP’d.

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