Lady Dulbin - Stallion’s BBC is hard on Lady Dulbin’s beaver

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Stallion’s BBC is hard on Lady Dulbin’s beaver

Stallion's BBC is hard on Lady Dulbin's beaver

“I am a typical ’50s housewife,” said Lady Dulbin, a 54-year-old wife, mother and first-timer from California. “Think Leave It To Beaver. I love waiting on my husband hand and foot and spoiling him rotten, but it isn’t because he forces me to. I enjoy it. We’re co-tops. We’re both dominant personalities.”

She’s actually a professional dominatrix, and here, for the first time, she’s a professional porn star. She’s tall and blond and has curves. She sucks Stallion’s big, black cock and takes it deep in her pussy while she squeals like…well, like a dolphin. And then Stallion cums in her pussy.

Lady Dulbin is a swinger. She has an open marriage. While she was here fucking Stallion, her husband was back home fucking a woman he’d just met. He told her all about it. She told him all about this. And now, as you’re watching this scene, Lady Dulbin and her hubby are probably watching it together. Maybe, being the June Beaver type, she’s sucking her hubby’s cock. And maybe her husband has his eye on this scene and is wondering why Stallion is being so hard on his wife’s beaver.

You’d be hard on it, too, if you had the chance. And maybe you will.

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Lady Dulbin - All about Lady Dulbin

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All about Lady Dulbin

All about Lady Dulbin

It’s time to meet Lady Dulbin, a 54-year-old first-timer from California. She has children. She’s married. And while she was at the studio…

“Last night, my husband was with a beautiful woman and they had a great time, and I’m here enjoying Florida and doing something I’ve always wanted to do, which is dabble in porn.”

As you’ll see at the end of this interview and in the hardcore video–the Lady’s first–she dabbles in porn by sucking and fucking Stallion’s big, black cock and getting her pussy creampied.

But about that name…

“Some people think it’s Lady Dolphin because when I orgasm, I sound like a dolphin. I did have a hotel manager knock on the door and ask if I was in distress. I was playing with a vibrator. I said, ‘I’m quite well, thank you.’”

But it’s not Lady Dolphin. Nor is it Lady Dublin, like the city in Ireland. It’s Lady Dulbin, “like a doll in a bin. I’m a little Russian baby doll.”

But she’s not Russian. She’s German and Swedish. And she’s curvy. And she’s tall and sexy. And she’s a swinger and a professional dominatrix. What does that mean? Hit the play button and find out.

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Lady Dulbin - For starters, a BBC and a creampie

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For starters, a BBC and a creampie

For starters, a BBC and a creampie

Lady Dulbin–yes, that’s Dulbin, not Dublin–makes her worldwide sucking and fucking on-camera debut by taking on Stallion’s big, black cock and having him cum in her pussy. Playful and sexy, Lady Dulbin is a 54-year-old wife and mother from California who has been an anthropologist and describes herself as a “dominatrix life coach.” That might sound like she tells guys what they’re going to do with their lives, no ifs, ands or buts about it, but she’ll explain in the video interview.

Blond-haired, blue-eyed Lady Dulbin is a nudist and has been a swinger for about 15 years. She says her wildest swinging experience took place by an Olympic-sized pool in Las Vegas. “I had sex with all the girls in a cabana under the stars,” she said.

So, yes, she likes pussy and cock.

She’s into younger men. She had sex with a guy who was 20 years younger than her. He was a sophomore in college. “He was into younger women. Think Energizer Bunny with a skilled tongue.”

Actually, we never thought of the Energizer Bunny that way.

Anyway, here, Lady Dulbin is dressed to fuck in a bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. And she keeps going and going and going.

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Aged threesome with redhead mom

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Mature Lessons

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This redhead mom is all in when she teaches younger couple sex. She leads by example showing her naive student just how to suck and ride ramrod right. Being divorced, mature and always fuck starved she never misses a chance to have some fun and doesn’t mind getting fucked in the ass as well. Watch this naughty mom as she mixes education with satisfying her dirty sex urges in one of the most exciting cross-age fuck sequences you ever witnessed.


Older mom anal and creampie movies

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Moms Got Cream

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If you want a naughty mommy who loves young cock we got one for you right here. Check out this mature bitch as she hooks up with a fuck addicted boy who wants to fuck the lady in her every hole and does so with great skill and pleasure. Yeah, that ripe slurping vagina takes weenie really well and once the lucky boy starts fucking his older lover in the ass you know it’s gonna be the most outstanding sexual experience of his life. Add a spectacular cumshot in the end and you have a perfect mommy fuck to enjoy!


Leilani Lei - Big, black cock for the little fuck doll

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Big, black cock for the little fuck doll

Big, black cock for the little fuck doll

“In my younger days, I never would have imagined that I would be here, posing nude, about to have sex with a stranger on-camera,” 50-year-old wife and mother Leilani Lei said. “It never would have crossed my mind. I would have said, ‘No, not me. Never.’”

Now Leilani is friends with Rita Daniels and Sally D’Angelo, two of the horniest women ever, and she claims she’s their equal in the dick-loving department.

“All of us are just greedy for cock.”

Slide a finger inside Leilani’s beautiful pussy and she’ll squeeze it tight. Slide a finger inside her perfect starfish of an asshole and more of the same!

“Now imagine what I could do with your cock,” Leilani said.

The great thing is that all of this horniness comes with a woman who’s as down-to-earth as can be. What should a man do if he wants to meet Leilani? “Just come over to me and say hello,” she said. What does she do when she’s at a party and notices a man checking her out from across the room? ”I’ll walk over to him and introduce myself, letting my eyes travel over his body, and I’ll stand close.”

By standing close, Leilani can tell if the guy has a hard-on.

“They usually do.”

Stallion does. How could he not? Leilani’s wearing that cute little gym outfit that hugs her little ass and perky tits, and she’s ready to fuck. So let’s get on with the show!

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Leilani Lei - It’s BBC day for Leilani

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It’s BBC day for Leilani

It's BBC day for Leilani

The last time we saw 50-year-old wife and mom Leilani Lei, we asked her, “What’s up?” And Leilani said. “Hopefully a cock is up somewhere?”

Well, cocks are always up when Leilani’s in the vicinity, and this time, a big, black cock is up and ready to fuck her tiny body.

“I don’t feel 50,” said Leilani, who we first met at She doesn’t look it, either, even though she has long, grey hair that gives away her age in a very sexy way.

“My man cooks, cleans and runs errands so I can concentrate on being sexy,” Leilani said. “The way I look at a man and wiggle my body at him makes him feel as if he is the only man in the world.”

Leilani lives in Florida. We asked her if she watched her scenes at, and she said, “Yes! I watched them with my hubby.” We asked her what she thought about those scenes, and she said, “I was very happy with them. I thought I did okay for the first time but there was room for improvement.”

These hot MILFs can be so critical of themselves. They’re always looking to improve. So, here, Leilani is in the gym with Stallion. She shows him her flexibility.

“You have very strong muscles back here,” Stallion says as he spreads her legs.

Yes, Leilani can get her legs all the way back so guys can fuck her. Here, she gets fucked hard and deep. Enjoy. Leilani did.

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Anal with aged lady

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World Mature

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This mature lady just loves feeling a firm young boner deep in her tight ebony hole and who wouldn’t? Her boring old husband doesn’t fuck her like this man does and he can go for hours polishing her every opening like a tireless sex machine. Oral sex, anal, vaginal fucking – you name it! This cross-age couple loves getting down and dirty between the sheets and there’s just nothing they won’t do to reach the ultimate satisfaction.


Cammille Austin - Wife, mom, grandmother…ass-fucked by two guys!

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Wife, mom, grandmother…ass-fucked by two guys!

Wife, mom, grandmother...ass-fucked by two guys!

“I’m from Arkansas, and it’s a very conservative area,” 57-year-old Cammille Austin said. “I guess we’re classified as the Bible Belt. It’s a small community, so if people at home saw me here, they would be shocked. Very shocked.”

They’d be especially shocked if they saw this wife, mother and grandmother getting ass-fucked by two young guys.

“It was better than I ever imagined,” Cammille said after she’d wiped the cum off her face.

As we’ve mentioned, Cammille is married and fucks other guys, but she and her husband are not swingers.

“The rule at our house is that he shares me, but I don’t share him. He is totally supportive of it. He loves that I’m doing this. He loves to watch, and like I’ve said, it makes our sex so much better, too. I never go out and just pick up strangers. We’ve made several good friends and traveled to Philadelphia and met up with friends there. In fact, on our wedding night, I had sex with eight guys. That was my wedding present!”

Talk about an after party!

“It kind of looked like what I’m doing here…but with more guys!

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Cammille Austin - Two guys take turns on Cammille’s 57-year-old ass

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Two guys take turns on Cammille’s 57-year-old ass

Two guys take turns on Cammille's 57-year-old ass

In her first two scenes at, Cammille Austin didn’t do anal. Now, in her third scene, this 57-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Arkansas is going to make up for lost time: Two guys are going to suck her pierced nipples, fuck her pierced pussy and take turns on her asshole.

“I’m excited, I’m nervous,” Cammille said. “I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

Cammille sucks their cocks and balls, then they take turns fucking her pussy. Before the fucking started, Cammille said, “When one isn’t fucking my ass, I’ll be sucking his cock.”

What if there were more than two guys?

“I’d jack him off. I’ve done four guys at once. There were eight guys in the room, but I only did four at a time.”


This is not Cammille’s first threesome.

“I’ve had threesomes and more,” she said. “On my wedding night, there were more. There was lots of anal on my wedding night, too.”

So much for alone time with her hubby.

Cammille and her hubby are not swingers in that they’re not in the lifestyle. She fucks other men. He doesn’t fuck other women.

“He’s not allowed,” Cammille said. “Just me.”

He’s allowed to watch. So are we.

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