Ciara - Ciara’s creampie

January 27th, 2015 by admin


Ciara’s creampie

Ciara's creampie

Now 54 years old, Ciara Blue, a 54-year-old wife and mom from Tampa, Florida, is back for a creampie. Yep, Ciara’s gonna have her MILF cunt fucked and filled with cum by a 24-year-old stud, and if that’s not enough to get your heart racing, you’re at the wrong website.

Ciara has DD-cup tits, the better for her young plaything to play with. She measures 36DD-24-34, which a man of any age would enjoy, especially since that hot body starts off decorated in some sexy, purple lingerie that shows off her body.

We asked Ciara if she’s watched her scenes, and she said, “Yes, definitely! Who would want to miss those?”

Not us.

“I watched them with my husband…bunches! We thought they were hot. It’s always interesting seeing yourself as the porn star and recalling the process. My partner thought so, too.”

And when she watches this scene, Ciara can see how she looks with her pussy filled with cream. Very nice, we might add.

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Shaggy mom taking anal and cumshot

January 20th, 2015 by admin


Moms Got Cream

This lustful mom is hungry for cock and cum and nobody can satisfy both of her dirty sex cravings like this younger dude who loves unshaved mature twat. He bangs this bitch so well she can’t stop orgasming and a messy cumshot adds the final touch to a perfect fuck she always dreamt of. Watch this eager mommy as she gets backdoor-fucked with absolutely no mercy and takes a hot spurt of jizz on camera enjoying every moment of it like it’s her prime time to shine!

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Rebecca Williams - Rebecca’s wild side

January 15th, 2015 by admin


Rebecca’s wild side

Rebecca's wild side

“I like to watch football. The Oakland Raiders are my favorite team,” said Rebecca Williams, a 51-year-old wife and mother from Tampa, Florida.

There are many indications that a woman might have a wild side (fucking on-camera, as Rebecca does, and being a swinger, as Rebecca has been since she was 20 years old are two of those indications), and rooting for the Raiders when you don’t live in California is one of them. It indicates that Rebecca doesn’t play by the rules, that she likes bad boys.

“I like large guys and lickers,” she said.

The guy who fucks her in this scene is large, cock-wise. He also licks. Of course, Rebecca sucks…his dick, that is. And She fucks his dick.

Rebecca likes younger men. She’s had sex on a plane. She likes having sex while men watch and jerk off. She loves to eat pussy. She’ll take your cock up her ass if it isn’t too big. And her idea of the perfect day is “a nice day at the beach followed by dinner and dancing and hot sex.”

No sex on the beach, Rebecca?

“Hey, why not?”

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Nice-looking adult mom pumped well

January 14th, 2015 by admin


World Mature

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This experienced mom still looks smoking hot rocking a nice tight body with big soft boobs and hot welcoming cunt. She loves sex, especially sex with younger guys, and this new guy she has in for some hardcore fun fucks her like a real stud. Watch this naughty aged doxy as she sucks young penis and gets railed from behind giving some great close-ups of her welcoming love hole and taking a load of pretty goo right in her greedy mouth.


Rebecca Williams - The MILF at the top of the stairs

January 13th, 2015 by admin


The MILF at the top of the stairs

The MILF at the top of the stairs

This is Rebecca Williams’ second time at We asked her how she got here in the first place (other than by plane and car, of course), and she said, “A girlfriend of mine who posed for you recommended it. I’d never really thought of doing professional porn before, but I was already doing amateur stuff, so I went for it.”

Here, Rebecca goes for it with Carlos. Or he goes for it with her. She’s standing at the top of the stairs, wearing a short, black, leather skirt. She lifts her skirt to show him what he’s about to get and ends up sucking his cock in the hallway. Then she takes him into the bedroom, where she gets her ass up in the air so he can fuck her pussy.

Rebecca is a 51-year-old wife and mother from Tampa, Florida. She’s a swinger. She definitely has a wild side.

“Most of us ladies who are involved in this world live two lives–one with straight friends and family and one with ’scene’ friends. My straight friends and family would be surprised to know that I do any of this.”

“Any of this” includes opening her mouth for porn-stud cum, as she does here. She enjoys it, of course. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be here.

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Cali Houston - Slut for a big, black cock

January 8th, 2015 by admin


Slut for a big, black cock

Slut for a big, black cock

Cali Houston, a hard-bodied 51-year-old with a spectacular ass, returns to to take on Stallion’s big, black cock. Last time she was here, she got ass-fucked, and we’re happy to say, upon close inspection of her ass, that her butthole is as nice as ever. It’s a nice, unblemished starfish that caps off one heck of an ass.

“People love my hair and my ass,” Cali said. I get that all the time.”

We like her big, firm tits and the slutty outfit she’s wearing in this scene. She’s dressed for cock, and she gets what she wants.

“I like wearing sexy but sophisticated outfits,” Cali said.

The outfit she’s wearing here is sexy but definitely not sophisticated. It comes off quickly. Cali cums quickly. Stallion cums all over Cali’s face. And she’s never looked better.

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Cali Houston - Cali and the big, black cock

January 5th, 2015 by admin


Cali and the big, black cock

Cali and the big, black cock

“I am a very confident, aggressive, type-A personality,” said Cali Houston, a 51-year-old MILF from Indiana. “I am direct and to the point. Some people love that about me because they don’t have to wonder where my head is at. Some people hate it because they can’t handle it.”

Stallion, Cali’s man in this scene, loves it because he knows where Cali’s head is: bobbing up and down on his big, black cock. Cali’s wearing a skimpy red halter top and short, cutoff shorts, and she wastes no time letting Stallion know that she wants his cock. She sucks it. She rides it. She takes his load all over her face.

Cali has now fucked four guys at and, but they weren’t her first porn studs.

“Before I was in porn, I met a huge porn star and didn’t know who he was, but all my friends did,” Cali recalled. “We were all hanging out, and he took a fancy to me. I told him to lay off because I didn’t know him. I think that made him want me even more because I didn’t make a big deal over him. Later, we all went clubbing, and I realized how big of a star he was. Everyone was wanting his autograph. Later, we all went back to his hotel to hang out, and I had to fuck him just to say I did.”

Now Cali’s the porn star, and nobody’s fucking her just to say they did. They’re fucking her because they want to.

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Dana Devereaux - The elegant screamer

January 1st, 2015 by admin


The elegant screamer

The elegant screamer

In this scene, Dana Devereaux, a 51-year-old divorcee who was born in Germany and lives in Phoenix, Arizona, is going to suck and fuck JMac’s big cock. He’s going to turn her upside down and fuck her as hard as he can in the piledriver position. She’s going to scream so loud, you’re gonna want to turn down the volume if you have neighbors. He’s going to cum on her face. Is it the wildest thing she’s ever done?

“Probably,” Dana said. “The other would be the time I had a threesome with two guys and another girl. I was a traveling sales rep, and I had an on-again, off-again boyfriend in Dallas, and he decided to surprise me with his best friend and his best friend’s girlfriend, and that was a really fun night. There’s something fun about having a woman on you and a man on you at the same time.”

Dana is a sexy, curvy redhead. She’s a nudist but not a swinger because she doesn’t like to share. She has sex two to four times a week and describes herself as sexually assertive.

“I know what gets me off, and I know my body very well.”

We wonder if she knew that getting fucked in the piledriver position gets her off so well.

“My male roommate once gave me a female stripper for my birthday,” she said. “All I had to do was lay back and enjoy what she was doing to me.”

And now all you have to do is lay back and enjoy Dana.

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Dana Devereaux - Dana’s first time on-camera

December 30th, 2014 by admin


Dana’s first time on-camera

Dana's first time on-camera

“I just wanted to try something new and different, so here I am!” said Dana Devereaux, a 51-year-old divorcee from Phoenix, Arizona who had never fucked on-camera before walking into our studio and taking on JMac’s big cock.

“I’ve modeled for art schools but I’ve never had sex on-camera,” said this sexy, curvy redhead who measures 36B-26-36. “Turning 50 got me wanting to try new things and experiment and get out of my box a little bit.”

She’s getting out of her box by showing off her fuck box.

“I’m kind of a showoff. An exhibitionist, maybe.”

Dana was born in Hamburg, Germany. She has been a market research analyst and a wholesale clothing representative.

“I have a cosmopolitan, elegant look but love getting a little kinky,” she said. “No one sees or knows that side of me exists.”

Well, we know, at least we do now.

Dana enjoys playing tennis and watching football. One of her hobbies is collecting shoes. She has 650 pairs, and she’s a foot fetishist. But she isn’t a swinger.

“I like to spoil my man and don’t like to share, so swinging is out for me.”

But as for fucking porn studs on-camera…from this point on, it’s in for Dana!

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Michaela O’Brilliant - Anal Advocate

December 18th, 2014 by admin


Anal Advocate

Anal Advocate

Michaela is ready for George when he shows up wearing just a towel around his waist. She’s dressed for sex in a hot corset that shows off her big, pierced tits plus some sexy stockings. She rubs his cock through the towel and finds out that he’s already hard. So what does she do? She takes his cock out. And he fucks her face. And she rubs his balls against her big tits. And we’re just getting started. Before long, George is eating her pierced pussy, then he’s fucking it, then he’s fucking her ass.

Nice, encore, Michaela.

Michaela is 58 years old. She’s from Germany. She enjoys playing the piano, bicycling and working out. She likes to wear clothes that show off her tits and mini skirts that show off her shapely legs and big ass. She told us, “I was told that I give fantastic blow jobs.” George agreed. She likes romantic dates.

“Nothing wild,” she said. “The wild part comes later.”

Yeah, it does. Michaela has sex three times a day. She loves anal sex.

“I enjoy it and do it often,” she said. “I have been having anal sex for many years now, so I’m used to it. I was the first one of all my friends to advocate it. They were scared at the time.”

Scared of cock in her ass? Not Michaela. That’s the wild part.

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